Kaaterskill Clove

A large gap in the Catskill Mountains, following the course of Kaaterskill Creek from west to east. Kaaterskill Clove was a center of the tanning industry in the early nineteenth century, and turnpikes running through the Clove gave tanners, tourists, and artists alike access to the surrounding scenery. Cole was one such artist, painting The Clove, Catskills in 1827.


Kaaterskill Falls

Also known as Catskill Falls, Catterskill Falls, Cattskill Falls, Kauterskill Falls, Kaatskill Falls, and Kattskill Falls. At 260 feet tall, Kaaterskill Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in New York State, consisting of two separate cataracts. Kaaterskill Falls is located on the north side of Kaaterskill Clove in the Catskill Mountains. The Falls were a popular tourist attraction in the nineteenth century and a favorite site for landscape painters. Cole created many paintings of the Falls from varying viewpoints, including Falls of the Kaaterskill (1826).


Knickerbocker, The

A monthly New York literary magazine, The Knickerbocker was published between 1833 and 1865. William Cullen Bryant and James Fenimore Cooper were frequent contributors, and Thomas Cole wrote two essays on his trip to Italy for the magazine in 1844 (including his poem dedicated to Mount Etna).