ExploreThomasCole is a project of The Thomas Cole National Historic Site, an affiliated site of the National Park Service. The National Endowment for the Humanities generously funded its creation. Other significant support came from The Henry Luce Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, The Shaw Foundation, and the Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation. The Ford Scholars Program, Vassar College, underwrote research and development.

ExploreArt, a project of the Rubin Museum of Art sponsored by the NEH, inspired the concept of ExploreThomasCole. Special thanks go to David Newman for help in the preliminary stages. Elizabeth Gardner and Karen Lucic were responsible for the content, with the assistance of Lee Vedder, Alan Wallach, Kaitlin Manning, Jill Kaufman, Elizabeth Jacks, Barbara Mattson, Gregory Rosenthal, Eleanore Neumann, and Elizabeth Brown-Stein. Roger Eichorn provided editorial assistance. Sarah Goldstein, Sharyn Cadogan, and Amy Bocko, of the Visual Resource Library, Vassar College, graciously helped with obtaining digital images.

Charles Forcey, Historicus, Inc., was responsible for database design, Ruby programming, and website production, and Liza Cunningham and Matthew Latkiewicz, Firehaus Studio, Inc., designed the website and programmed the CSS and Javascript enhancements.